Musica FronterizaThe Chamanas

Juarez/El PasoMusica Fronteriza

The border between El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua has given birth to this band, who represent the culture of this metropolitan border and transmits it through their music. 

New AlbumNEA II

The Chamanas' 3rd Album

TourSuper Good Tour

The Chamanas partnership with Jarritos is a perfect fusion of two distinct heritages enjoyed no matter where you call home.

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  • Name: Gerardo Alarcon Role: Management Phone: +1(915)478-9435 Email: Email
  • Name: Rob Mochen Role: USA Booking-Coda Fin Touring Phone: +1(210)846-4867 Email: Email
  • Name: Brendan Role: PR - The Syndicate Phone: +1 Email: Email
  • Name: Jeff Role: PR - The Syndicate Phone: +1 Email: Email